Chef Mike Sheerin’s New Menu Featured in Eater Chicago

Executive Chef Mike Sheerin’s new menu has finally been revealed! Eater Chicago broke the news on his much-anticipated new offerings including upgraded comfort food favorites and healthy alternatives.

Eater had this to say about the new dishes:

“While Rockit won’t have tacos, they do have lots of burgers. They also have Nashville hot chicharrones, crispy pork skin spiced like the trendy hot chicken. One of the healthier options is salmon tartare that has hints of Indian flavors with tikka masala and served with poppadoms. Cooking healthy isn’t a problem for Sheerin, who said he rarely uses butter. However, there’s plenty of “fat kid food” on the menu including the grilled beef & bacon meatloaf with caramelized ketchup glaze and curry cauliflower.”

Be sure to congratulate Chef Sheerin and try his elevated new menu!

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